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I thought it might be helpful to make a rather small, targeted list of links, rather than one huge monster post that some people (myself, for one) might be intimated by.

So, the following links were all viewed or tried by me.Which does not mean much, I know,as I have no medical training, but I do have a nice salad off issues, so perhaps it gives me some perspective.

*Spoon Theory explained visually

*This is important: your 101 on getting and handling doctor appointments. I had to learn this from zero and was very lucky that a good friend of mine taught me everything there is to know abut this.

*This one I like because it is explaining why one should not second-guess one's pain. Also, good extra links inside


This is one of my favourite, because it fits so much into my own profile and the tips there sound good to me;

Tips for people with chronic illness and busy schedules

Oh, this one is gold. I needed this one.

Heat via cold as pain relief aide

The pain index is always helpful:

Pain Index Scale

* Some good self-help tips:

Self Care tips

* And some self-care tips for when you don't have spoons to think much:

When you don't have the Spoons to Shower

* And for travelling with Chronic illness:

Travelling with chronic illness

* I'm going to try this next time I'm stuck without hitting pads:

Homemade heating pads

* Non-drug tools for pain management. I'm using quite a few of them already and so can attest that there are useful tips here.

Non-drug treatments

* And a last one for this round:
- OTC meds:

OTC meds. Do be careful, but use them when needed

There are more - about ADHD and Fibro and depression and so on. But as said, I do not want a monster post, else I would have just linked that post. Also, there are many dead links there and I'm going over them one by one and checking. It can be quite annoying to read about some promising tip only to run into a dead link.

Good luck and stay safe.


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