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One thing that was really horrible today:

Due to the huge increase in manpower (more than 150% in less than 2 years) CP is building a new building. And connecting it to the old one so that the end result will be one huge-ass structure. Well and good.

However. Right now they are connecting the old building to the new one. So they had to switch between the two wings of the building – my department was moved to the side adjacent to the new building, because we are the smaller department who takes less space. And the other one, OE, was moved to our old wing.

So, aside from the small annoying fact that they have lost all my personal things during the transit (It was packed into a box and drawered, with my name on it. Not found. ), right now we are sitting (and need to work) right in the heart of a construction area. And that means drilling, drilling, drilling, dust, dust, dust, and fucking Toxic gases that had made me literally ill today for a good three hours, until the air cleared up a bit. I don’t want to think about the long-termed health implications. Is there any use to it?

But I’m not very happy. Really felt like I’m choking today, slowly but surely, and it was seriously not fun.
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So. I am going over the headline, and This caught my eyes.

"Hey,[profile] antongrou", I call out. " Just look at this.Both sides are such idiots, I wanna kill them both. I mean, I know Bibi is an idiot, and Ariel is the one who triggered the whole mess. But, just look that list. Even just the first is a deal breaker, and here they give us 7 new conditions, out of then all but 3 and 5 are deal breakers."

"yeah, I know," he says, "you know why they did it' don't you"?

No, I honestly did not understand that stupid over-the-top brinkmanship, and told him so.

"They did it cause they want us to be the ones who say No, and they hoped that the Americans will than place all blame on us and not on them".

"Oh, god, god, are we in a damn Kindergarten, or what"?

"Yap! Don't you know, we are playing in a Kindergarten for a good many years now. Each time one of the sides plays brinkmanship and than runs off the the Americans crying: But Nanny, he started it! I was good!"


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