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So, lunch today was had in Tati: An excellent bistro right under my apartment ).

Managed to score yet another point of Major Kite: I met Anat near the restaurant and was about to go in, when suddenly the girl takes a good look at me and start nearly howling with laughter. She nearly fell. When I ask her, all insulted, what the hell is she laughing at, she mentioned to my feet: apparently I did not drink enough coffee this morning, for I did not remember to change from my nice, furry slippers to regular shoes... Did a *facepalm* and ran home to change.

Right now, the rain is finally weakening. It's not that I don't like rain, I love it actually, but I would much rather it would rain mostly in night and not while [profile] antongaru is on the way from Haifa. Oh, the joys of traveling on Highway 2 on a rainy Saturday night... And we wanted to go costume-hunting today. Don't know now about that. It's not that urgent, after all.
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It's been some time since I've felt inclined to use this icon. Isn't it adorable?

I'm home now, waiting for [profile] antongaru, and it's raining outside. Nice and steady. I love so much to hear the sound of rain.

I am feeling much better than I've had for the last several days.

Day's work was stressful, but there is nothing new there. What's new is that I was actually able to reach out and ask for help. Instead of sitting at home, and freaking out, and let a depressive episode swallow me whole.

I can even believe, at least for now, that there is hope for me yet.

And I am so grateful for it, and for the friend who've helped me understand it.
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So Party last night )

Oh, I was also not very smart as I forgot to take a coat with me. And so discovered that the Jerusalem climate can be... unpleasant when one wanders around in nothing but a sleeveless dress and a very light jacket...

Today saw a trip to Haifa to consult with my neurologist. Nothing much new to report. Was scolded for not doing blood-test in the last 3 month. Blood test are a nuisance and I admit tending to avoid them as much as I can. (Until I am yelled at enough, that is.) Oh well.

Will now collapse to try to catch up on some sleep.


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