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I look at This pretty guy

And go "squee, he looks just like G, only in white instead of coal black! How adorable".

isn't he? Look at those long legs and tail.
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So much rain! it really looked like someone took a big bucket and spilled it on our heads. Fun.

This time I took precautions as soon as I looked out of the window and saw the clouds forming. I have here little sweater and a raincoat. So I can apply my favorite Dress Winter code. (Layers, lots of them.)

Oh. And one common factor I’m sure of that runs like a thread between all my fuckups, without exception – they all occured when I’m all wore down into a Zombie state. Fatigue, complete fatigue. It makes me blind and unable to see even things that are right under my eyes. There is a kind of short circuses between my eyes and the translator in my mind.

Another common factor – not being able to see beyond the Now, the moment. Not being able to make connections and see from A to B to C. Or sometimes leaping right from A to C and missing something in between. *sigh*

Anyhow. Today I feel better. Yesterday I decided to which back – took the 30G in the evening, and the 60g in the morning. For some reason which I do not understand it works better this way. So I will not argue with it. Also, my kitty slept a bit with me – till he begin to bounce around and play soccer ball (with me as the Gate of course, as usual). Then I kicked him out gently.

We took the poor little cat to the vet yesterday – he was very, very unhappy with us, to put it mildly. It’s the fourth time in four weeks, and I bet he remembers every single times – because he no longer cooperates with the Tuna trick. So I came over to the clinic after work to help with him and hold him. And you know, I am always awed that even when he is shaking and terrified, and I’m holding him with my hands in an easily accessible place – he does not even attempt to bite or scratch. He fights , all right, and twists like an eel. (he is also so soft and smooth, so it’s really hard to restrain him). But there is not a slightest bit of aggression in that animal. Even the vet admitted she has never seen the like of him. She adored him.

Oh, and I tried to clean house with G around…is hilarious. He will drop whatever he is doing to come and tassel with the broom, wrap his body around it, throw himself in front of it,splash in the dirt all over – and then stretch his longgggggggg body and smile at me. (I swear, I hear him saying “here, let’s see you now, that’s dirt mine and you aren’t going to take it).

And in a month or so we will have little Yael with us! Our house is becoming rich.
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This Song

is surprisingly sexist, and disturbing. And that fact that it reads like a children's song makes it worse. I actually flinched while listening to it.

I'm a tiny bit better than yesterday, but work is going very slowly still, and until I do not see a recovery in that one, I will not be at ease.

Night also was bad - I have an extreme sensitivity to shots, it appears. Even something tame like a Flu shot causes a rather massive swollenness, heat, redness and quite a bit of pain. So the pain made me wake up even more than usual.

Considering the above - I'm doing well. No Zombie state. No over stressing. Work is slow, yes, but not Nil like yesterday. So.

And G was extra Cute yesterday. Which is not easy for him:)

I arrived home and went to bed to rest. G, being my shadow, followed me to bed, hops up,lay on his back with all four paws in the air, and laid his head on my arm. Oh, does he knows to be adorable. To make it better, he had that expression of extreme contentment on his little face - eyes closed, purring mightily.

he lay that way for almost an hour, and by then, all my grumpiness was history. Who can be grumpy with a little cat snuggling to you like that?

Why, yes, I adore my cat, how did you notice?

G cat

Oct. 14th, 2014 10:25 pm
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My little cat is the funniest thing ever .

So, there are those little feather balls he loves more than any of his toys. He can play with them for hours at a time - kicking and chasing them, carrying them in his mouth, chewing and gnawing on them. If more than two or three days he goes without, he becomes cranky and starts biting everything in sight.

However, he also tends to loose them at a rate of four per week - most go under the fringe, and by now, he is too big to go behind and take them back. And he knows it, too. (the look he gave me when I nearly kicked a ball under the fringe was hilarious.)

Anyway, I bought him several more today, since we failed to locate the most recently lost ones. At one point he had two balls right near him. So the little cat grabs one ball in his mouth, carries it to my sandal and carefully tucks the ball inside. He even pawed it a little with his paw to make sure it's safely tucked in. And only when assured that he has at least one spare ball, he ran off to play with the other one...

When he is big enough to open doors we are so fucked up. . With this kind of intelligence...
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Oh god, I took a bath for the first time since...the wedding I think. My body hurts all over, and [personal profile] antongarou had had enough of my moaning and bitching about it - and at him. So he sort of ordered me in.

I could not sit still for more than ten minutes,but oh god, is that what it feels to have a back again? (instead of concrete cement). Nothing had ever eased my pains to such a degree. Even if it's short-termed, the relief is blessed.

Anyhow. Yesterday was quite, we rested and cleaned and nothing much more. I'm still not up to do any physical activity on account of the wound in my leg, but I'm better today, so I hope tomorrow to go back to normal activity.

Yesterday we have a bad scare with G. Poor cat has a bad ear infection, so, lucky us have to give him his med, in his ear, twice a day. Since he is not fond of it - to say it mildly - it has become somewhat of a world-war by now. With [personal profile] antongarou grabbing him, me trying to grab his head and apply the med, and G fighting for all his worth. And with him being slippery as a fish, it's...interesting.

So. We were looking for shortcuts. Yesterday we tried putting it in his ear while he was asleep, in just the right position. But we missed, it splashed his leg and he licked it clean and ran away.

A few minutes later I hear weird sounds from the living room. I Go over and check, and see my cat wiping at his mouth franticly, with foam all over him and more still coming out of his mouth. Both of us panicked.

My first instinct was to ask advice from Hagar. I didn't think that there may be a 24 hours emerg services for pets. I was so in panic that I even didn't see she is off line until a while later.

Than [personal profile] antongarou told me to google for the vet we took him to, and she did indeed has a 24 hours emerg service. They calmed us down, told us the med is only horribly bitter but not poisonous to him,so his reaction is just an attempt to get rid of it.

After that we changed his water, he drank half of it, and calmed down. But god, it was terrifying.

Meds and animals=joy.
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G Cat

Speaking of whom...

I return home and smell something...weird. Than I look at the floor. Looks like piss. And vomit. Cue panic attack. I call [personal profile] antongarou and tell him :"G is not feeling well, please come home".

Next,I thought it may be a good idea to consult Hagar. She had a cat and she has a good, cool head under stress on her shoulders. So I went and IM'ed her from my phone while pacing the living room anxiously.

She calmed me down by saying that if the cat is not apathetic it's no big reason for worry (and he looks fairly normal). And I calmed down even more after located the apparent reason for the trouble - From somewhere under the bed he drag a huge piece of tape,chewed and swallowed some of it. Of course he threw up. It could have ended so much worse.

Now, I'm still feeling sick with stress. Bad enough to need some Lavender tea. And I keep him under a very close watch.

*sigh* Cats are so like babies...
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Today was horrible, but:

My cat had spent a minute or so lying on me, and I melt into a little puddle than and there.

He does have me wrapped around his paw, , doesn't he? *facepalm*

day post

Sep. 23rd, 2014 11:06 pm
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Well. Today we had a major fuck up with the gift-plan for my middle nephew. And both of us are quite, quite pissed off, to say it mildly

It's like this: Tal has fallen in love with Role Playing Games - it's [personal profile] antongarou influence. So he begged from his parents one of the two books needed (in order to learn how to play well),and begged from us the other one. since those books are well over 150 NIS, it had become a birthday project. Well and good.

Now, I was nagging [personal profile] antongarou for the last two weeks to buy the damn thing. (as the RPG expert, the job fell on him). He kept postponing on the grounds that it's a basic book, and we can get it at Frick or something.

Around last Thursday he finally got to it. Only to discover that the book has ran out in all stores but one. Don’t know why, a new version coming or something. And it's in KS, not exactly in our area.

The girl on the store on Sunday talked with [personal profile] antongarou and promised she will see to a swift delivery. With Post Office delivery service. We paid an extra 50 NIS for the service, and it was supposed to land in CP (Checkpoint) yesterday morning.

As Kitten is fond of saying (and G will probably agree...) Suppose is the name of a fish.

The bottom line of our long,extremely infuriating dialogue with the store and with Post Office is nil. No book, no present, and me supposed to be at work today and than off by train to KY. And [personal profile] antongarou is stuck at home cause we have some help coming to clean house. It's more than I cane manage, to clean well enough in my state to please [personal profile] antongarou's mother (she is coming Friday). And [personal profile] antongarou. well, it's starting from an unsatisfactory level with him, so.

So we are going to execute tomorrow plan B. I will make the run to Frick and try to find another book of this family - there are many. Kitten advised me just now to try rest, so I think I will take taxi - more money, alas, but it will spare me quite a bit fatigue, so. I really do fear relapsing again into an episode like last week, it was more than I can bare,certainly on such short notice.

On a more positive note - I did well in my balance work today. up to almost 30 seconds. I did not do more than four rounds, since I am taking it easy. But it's a definite improvement. Also, I am almost certain I'm doing it as Hagar taught me. I'm hoping to see her next Tuesday, and frankly am quite eager to show off...

Also - G. We are more and more in love with him. He is such a delight, showing so much intelligence and playfulness. And he is so friendly. Today I walk into the bedroom, and find the little cat sprawled on his back, head cuddled into my pillow, all four paws up, with his belly exposed. Purring mighty. If only I was quick enough to picture him.

Our game of "try and keep me out" at night are continuing, and every day it's becoming harder to avoid him. He has my routine down pat by now and knows when to pounce. *sigh*. It took me a full hour yesterday to get him out of the room...
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Here is the general definition of the Sphinxes cat behaviour:

"Sphinxes are known for their extroverted behaviour. They display a high level of energy, intelligence, curiosity, and affection for their owners. They are one of the more dog-like breeds of cats, frequently greeting their owners at the door and friendly when meeting strangers"

G does all the above, including meeting us daily by the door. And being as clingy as a dog at times. Not too mention those huge ears, and long,long legs. About 60 % of his hight is sheer legs.

And he eats.Abut three or four of what the vet recommended.

And he learns in an alarming speed.

Overall, he does less damage than can be expected of a cat with his youth and energy.

He does not allow me to pick him up yet, but I am also afraid to try, since I don't know how to hold cats. Maybe it will come with time.

Now I better go to sleep, it's nearly 1 and I really should not be on the comp at this hour.


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