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Quite tired.

I had an appointment in Asuta, at the pain clinic,at 8:20. Was not very happy with that, but I prepared my cloths yesterday, and placed the meds in my bag, and ordered a taxi for 7:50.

And this morning I wake up from a nightmare all dizzy and absent-minded. I grab wildly for my phone to check the time - and it's 8:10. Great.

Luckily enough, my taxi driver was late as well, and he was willing to wait for 5 minutes - told him to start the timer so that he will not loose money on me. Not his fault after all. I blessed my gods that everything was ready, got dressed in 5 minutes, washed my teeth, and out I go.

Without a fucking coat or umbrella for the upcoming rain. Or gloves, or scarf. or a breakfast. Even didn't have time to tie my shoes properly. The sight I made...

The driver was really adorable. And that was a good thing, as we had spent a good 50 minutes together...

However, they didn't even comment on it when I arrived on the clinic and apologized - told me that because of the mess people are late today anyhow. No biggy.

The good pain doc told me to double the morphine amount, and we will see what happens from there. f

Than I recalled I didn't take my meds yet, and it was after 10 am. Also, there was nothing to eat. However I knew it will take me an hour to get to work, so I took all the meds on an empty stomach, preferring that to not taking them at all.

Of stories news - we had worked yesterday on out first Killjoy fic, and I'm happy with it. It's ready to be submitted for either a treat or a pinch hit, (that one will depend if the story will fit any of the requests the pinch hitter will need to answer to. However, since I wrote that story in 24 hours, I think I will be able to handle even a fresh story in a short time. I know now I can do it.

Also, outside - nice, nice weather - strong winds that nearly pushed me off my feet. And rain is starting. And snow in the north of the country. I hear that everything over 900 m' will get some snow.

I will fucking not come anywhere near facebook in the next week at least.
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Even if I don't know how good is the story itself, how well did I capture the voices, and so on. But it's something I wanted to for years, and never had the guts to go ahead and do it.

But - I didn't try my own hand. Didn't think I'm good enough, or that my English is good enough, or that I will not get stuck in the first paragraph. I almost reconcile myself to the fact that this is beyond me and not something I can accomplish.

I don't know what forced my hand after all this time into trying. But - here is he lesson of mercy


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