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I am quite unhappy about the rather evil combo of Nickel and Sugar diet. It really sucks, it's so limiting, and I really don't know that I can hold with both. Not both.

So far, I was able to find some creative replacements for some of my favorites; Canned Vine leaves, for example, those that are stuffed with rice - it's a favorite. And I can't eat now cause of the damn nickel thing. So, I bough the leaves in a jar, a glass jar, and we are making rice, and I will try to make this way my own stuffed vine leaves. And cheese - I am taking a 10% cheese and mixing it with a 0.5 cheese to make a more interesting mix.

But. .

Fish; Sushi; sea food; tomatoes; canned baby corn that I love so much; and a host of other things I am not supposed to eat, and it's freaking me out like Whoa.

I am already cutting corners, after a week only - already I ate tomatoes today, for example, and a few other things out of this list. (no canned things, though, or sea food or fish.) Those were miner deviations. But.

I will try to move to a stronger Antihistamines med and will see if it will help. And I will not use a shaving knife again even if it's not over by Wednesday - the wax can't make it any worse than the shaving knife that contains nickel in large amounts.

Just - this whole combo sucks like hell. Am really unhappy about this.
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Well, am less dead than yesterday that’s nice. Hope it will keep for a while.

It might have to do with the fact that I woke up only twice tonight instead of the usual 4-5 times, every other hour or so.

My arm is a bit red and swollen as a result of the Bone Scan injection, yesterday, and it’s painful but not limiting. I hoped to escape without any side effects, but they had developed over the night.

But –I have had my first Gym session in over a week – I avoided any physical activity on account of my back. Did only half an hour, but it’s enough to regressed the situation quite a bit. Even with all the stretching I did after. And the hot shower. Annoying.

Also, took my weight – and was dismayed to see I lost only 100 G or so since last week. It’s far too slow. And I do not know if it will improve, since my neurologist wants me to raise the med level, and that med has a side effect of interfering with the metabolism and encouraging weight gain.

So, it’s a lovely choice again – do I obey him and raise the level, and then risk the weight issue? Or do I stay as I am, and risk the epilepsy episodes? What’s more risky in the long run and how the hell am I to choose?

I am to repeat the test in a month, also. Damn.


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