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Oct. 9th, 2015 07:49 pm
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So, vacation over, and we are home. I'm glad.Vacation is all well and good, but it's also nice to be home and play with the cats and have our own space.

Yesterday morning we went to see the Dan river. It was wet and somewhat rainy, and there was a smell of rain and plants in the air.

We had two options - going through the Long Trail or the Short Trail. Despite the fact that I was stiff and achy, I went for the long trail, since I wanted to see more of the place. That was a mistake - none of us noticed that the long trail is for able-bodied walker who can handle difficult trails. It was all walking on smooth and slippery rocks,sometimes inside the the river,sometimes near. The best we had was mud.

After about 20 minutes I've concluded that I will not be able to handle it without injury since I kept loosing balance and almost falling, and also, every step was draining. So back we went and took the other trail, and that one was indeed easier (despite the fact that it was rocky as well).

After that we went back for some lunch and rest. Dinner was had in a Druze restaurant - and that was fun . Best Druze food we had since childhood.

Now I'm watching news in growing despair - we were through this before in 2000, and I remember how it ended up than, and I fucking do not trust Bibi to be able to contain the situation and roll the Explosive Wagon back.
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Pics will be uploaded after we get home.

God, I'm suddenly so tired. All the fatigue from the last few days had fallen on me all at once.

The place itself is great. We have a two-room small apartment, very comfortable and neat. And a great restaurant right here at the Kibbutz. (we just had dinner there). And there is grass everywhere, and the air is fresh and sweet-smelling.

Tuesday : I had a short heart attach when I realized I can't print the ref I need for Cymbalata. But it was solved. So,we left Haifa around 9:30 and headed north. Our first stop was Hahula. It's about two hours by car. Because it's off season now, there were not many people, and we were able to have a good walk around in peace.

After a short stop for lunch, we headed off to Marom Golan. (it's right at the Syrian border).

Dropped our things, and went out again for a tour at Haula lake. That was loads of fun. We rented a guided tour in a wagon. There were tons of birds,however I was not able to get good pictures of them.

Dinner was at an incredible restaurant called The Shulamit Hold. There expertise is smoked meat, and even I enjoyed it.

However the food was too rich for me and made me quite ill. (by the way, I'm now certain I can't eat cream cheese and so on because of Lactose intolerance: when I don't eat Lactose-rich foods I'm fine - no nausea, no messed stomach or anything.However,anything with Lactose makes me sick.)

The way back from the place was terrifying - pitch darkness, a narrow road, very steep, with lots of curves. Both of us literally feared for our life’s. So much that we changed plans and decided that fuck, no, we are not going far from the kibbutz in the evening again. (so today we ate at the local restaurant, and tomorrow at a place which is close by).

By the way, we had several "near things" on the road even by day. *sigh* I hate cars and travelling by cars.

Later we tried to sleep. Only to have a drunk group of pre-army teens party right near us screaming and laughing and messing around. I dearly wanted to kill the whole lot of them. Fell asleep at 2:30.

Wednesday : Woke up dead meat and Zombie, and to a rain. So, after breakfast, back we headed for a short nap until the weather cleared. Than we headed out to an old, old Fortress called Nimrod. We had spent nearly two hours there walking around, climbing a lot, and enjoying the incredibly beautiful place. So much history there, and so interesting and the view is beyond marvellous from there. You can see half of the Galilee from that point. And Syria.

Speaking of which - at some point we heard fearsome gunfire exchange. Over at Syria, I think. God,that stank. (all that gunpowder).

after another short, light lunch (I've avoided anything that even might contain Lactose this time), we headed off to the Bananas Falls.

That was the hardest, and most rewording, physical effort I've done in months. It was like two training sessions: So much stairs and walking over hard surface. But, god, how beautiful. It was worth it.Even if I've made my leg worse again. (It's hurting again, as if I've sprained it again).

Plans for tomorrow are to go to the Dan river, and than we will see.

Also. I miss the cats to a horrible degree. I think about them a whole lot and worry and look at pics again and Polish it's almost a cliche. *sigh*
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It's nice to have my laptop here. Much more comfee.

Yesterday was sheer misray. Don't know if it's the shopping and standing on my sandles for 5 hours that did it, or my mom and her stress-bombs,(after I left I felt as if a cement mixer went over me. Several times). But I ended up with the worst pain in my back since - at least half a year, I think? Crippling pain. Couldn't walk and could hardly sit up and hiding it from [personal profile] antongarou's family was not easy. (they saw I am in pain. They didn't realize how bad it really is).

As a result I had also very limited mobility in my arms. I needed help in dressing up, it was that bad.

But after the Metamizole kicked in, things improved a bit. (am taking now Metamizole and NAPROXEN alternately, since I'm certain there is an inflammation there and only NSAID can help with that. in principle, I'm not allowed to take any of the NSAID family. (Risk for allergy is much higher when I'm on NSAID). But this in one of those cases when one needs to calculate costs against benefits. I do not want to be in crippling pain on my vacation, thanks.

Oh, damn, forgot to take pill yesterday with all the mess and rush. Which means the chance of getting my damn period during the vacation is that much higher ):

At least we are over the Family part. We had lunch with my parents today and it was actually pleasant. Guess she had spilled all her poison at me yesterday. And I guess that sis gave her a good one on the head. Or dad. Or both? Anyhow, it was much better than yesterday. And after they dropped us of, we went for a walk and had a good talk with some lovely Pine trees. That was fun, although the incline of the road is worse than any Gym I visited - about 45%?. Horrible. And [personal profile] antongarou can run those. He grew up there, it's nothing to him.

Tomorrow morning we are off:) I mean to take a lot of pictures. Promise not to to bomb the Whatsupp group, though. Just a few - maybe two - a day.


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