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Sometimes I read a book and a paragraph, or a sentence, suddenly take new meaning and hits me in the face. Like an explosion of light.

I read it, and it feels like all of a sudden a key is turned in my mind, and a missing pice of a puzzle is found.

A sense of rightness. .

I don't have the correct word, but I think that some people will understand what I mean.

(The sentence that had exploded this time was from Ender's Game: Bean, mourning Ender after he was taken away: and than dealing with that: "Once he named the feeling, he could control it. He lay back and forced himself to go through the relaxing routine until he didn't feel like crying anymore".

I read it and thought: There, that's why it's so important to me to always list down and write about my thoughts and feeling and triggers. That's the name for my technique, that's how it works.

And, god...What a feeling.

Also, first time I had a chance to use this lovely icon.

Icon raid

Dec. 23rd, 2011 11:14 pm
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Went on an icon raid, and found 2 icons which will probably cause you a sugar overload... but it made me smile. And D who is sitting next to me cooed all over them.

The guys came over at 21:00 or so. I did not manage to rest, and they are currently playing a game I find uninteresting, so I am sitting here posting instead. I fear DW is becoming addictive. And icon raiding is fun. Life seem a bit less bleak than they did an hour ago.

Also, I think that writing about stuff that trouble me is helping. It forces me to face things instead of flinching away from them.

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Yea, I think I am a bit better than and hour ago.


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