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The one minus with us connecting the laptop to the TV (So that all our Streaming will be on the large screen) is that the computer is also screened on the TV. And me, I can't see much even with the eyeglasses. It's as bad now as it was last year. I will need to go check this soon.

Anyhow. I want to talk about Ingathering. This book has such a profound impact on me. A main reason for this is the story of Lea

The first chapter is told from the viewpoint of Lea,whose story will the "Frame Story". It's the first time I'm reading this kind of storytelling. Usually I'm not fond of this, because I tend to loose track between characters and get lost between different points of view. Not this time; Lea's chapters frame each individual story.

And Lea's story is a story of healing and recovery. I am not far into the book, but even what I read so far I find intensely personal and comforting.

Lea in the first chapter: "my outside is intact-an eggshell sucked of life".

I read this sentence yesterday and winced in pained sympathy. Been there.

And than, after meeting Karen, and hearing her story she is walking outside for the first time since her suicide attempt, and looking around her, and saying this: "I am becoming an entity again. I have form and proportions. I have boundaries and limits".

She is starting to recognize her boundaries, and learn she has a Self. And that is the first stage in healing.


May. 7th, 2012 09:49 pm
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So, both [profile] antongaruand I decided that we need a new show, since our regular shows are too loaded for now.So, we tried out today "Leverage", and oh my, we loved it so much. The team=family thing, the characters, ( I really like the girl, Parker I think is her name?), the humor, the attention to details. Definitely a new favorite. We'll watch at least an episode a week, I think.


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