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Apr. 25th, 2012 07:07 pm
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I'm back home from work, getting ready for today's picnic. We are going to the National Garden. It has become a tradition of sorts: Third time in a row we are doing this. This year the group will be fairly small, only 7-8 people, but. ( There is a birthday party tomorrow at K, so those 4 need to organize stuff ).

Had a row with Limor, and am annoyed with her, for all that I acknowledge was also in the wrong: I invited her to joins us last week. But I did not call until today to confirm. So, she is sending a somewhat "polish" SMS: " You did not call me, so I understand there is nothing organized for today"?

Well, I called and told her I thought it was settled on Thursday. She started yelling at me, using guilt tones to perfection - she was worse than my mother, and that says something, y'know? Anyway, I grew some spine the last month, so I had no patience for that, and reacted in a less than apologetic voice. She ended up by nearly hanging on me, and telling me she does not want to come. I send an SMS apologizing for my mistake and asking her to come anyway, and there is no response. Oh well. I am not at all sure that this relationship is healthy for me, for all the spine that I have developed, so it might not be such a loss. I still feel bad, because I know she was hurt. But really, I am not the only one who was in the wrong here.

Oh, dear L will be delayed as usual. So much for our plans for an early arrival.
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I'm home for the weekend, which is a relief. Some time-out is very much needed. This week was quite nearly as bad as the previous one.

I've developed an inflammation in my gum; a bad one, apparently, as eating and chewing has become quite painful. I also don't know if to keep an appointment for next week for a dental hygienist and check up: On the one hand it been more than a year since the last time. (I keep weaseling and avoiding it because I have very sensitive gums .Can't eat ice cream because the cold hurts to much for example, and it's more than a little painful and I bleed too - Not fun). However with this inflammation...Don't know if I can take it. Anyway, I should go to the nearby super-pharm and see if they have something that will help.

Also in the ranting department: period = Ouch. It's the third day, so wtf?

Tonight I am alone, as [profile] antongaru is off at Haifa with his family. So might be more active than usual on DW.

Now I need to eat some lunch, pain or not/ (Would you believe I actually did not eat almost anything today because those damn gums hurt to much? ) ,and than crush down to sleep a bit. I've developed a nice,Large deficit on sleep this week. And than, I should make this place look a bit less like a pig's den- ( a herculean task, I know, but some guys are coming tomorrow, so).
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----Trust lock----

A hell of a day )

A favor please - if you see a spelling mistake I've missed or glaring grammar mistakes, holler . I read my posts over before uploading them, and will today as well, but I am truly too tired to see straight.

ETA 21:22: So my period decided today is a good day to come. Joy...
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Am currently at work, enjoying a short break.

Here's an example for why my mom pissed me of this weekend:

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God ,did not realize until now how angry I am. I take back my earlier words:

Pity for her is no justification her actions.

Need to hunt for an Angry icon.
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I believe this post will do justice to the above icon, as there is no other explanation for tonight's events. The Gremlin must be the cause.

So, a month or so ago [personal profile] hagar_972 and I made a delightful shopping trip together,and I came home with new shoes, a lovely red dress from Golf and a jacket. Well, the shoes and jacket are still with me, but the dress had seemingly vanished from the face of the earth. [personal profile] antongarou and I turned the apartment upside down - several time over, with no luck.

All I can hope for now is to go to Golf tomorrow and hunt for another dress, perhaps I will find another version of the lost one. But it beats the hell out of me, as I have no recollection of where did I put that dress the last ( and only) time I used it.

You know what I did to loose some steam? Washed the 23:00; But before that poor [personal profile] antongarou was treated to a show of a very unhappy and stressed-out GF.

also [personal profile] hagar_972, honey,am I so happy I found that Gremlin icon in your gallery, it made me laugh.
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So, after I spends the better part of a year butterflying around friends DW and LG, I find myself wanting to jump into the water and start swimming my self. I am a bit shy of sharing my thoughts online, but it is a good way of communicating and interacting with new people.

So,right now I am Read more... ) which is rather a pity as D&E are coming over with a huge amount of sushi for a Game night.

The problem is, she has such a gift of making me feeling guilty. I know she is in the wrong,but I can't shake it.

Oh well, they are here, so enough ranting for today


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