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Decided for immediate first-aide to consult with Shear, regarding the Food Problem. She is well versed in many kinds of food and may be able to help. It really reached emergency stage now, since I'm not even on 300 K and stuck on solving this.

So far, I'm dealing by drinking Isostar or Virtaminchik when I can't eat. And I think that I will add some pettibear if it will not improve. That should be at least easy to digest.

Tomorrow should be a very difficult day - it's the wedding of my (sick) Aunt's son. The wedding is in Jaffo, which is not the calmest place to be those days. I dread her collapsing during the ceremony and wedding, and my mom's reactions, and the whole enormous stress on my mom - and it's outlet on me, which is ensured.

Day report

Dec. 20th, 2011 09:11 pm
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Last several days at work were - uncomfortable. I have always been a kite, (and quite an impressive one), but it has been some time since I have made so many mistakes. Which is both disturbing and annoying. It's like I am not 100% present. Things that I should be aware of are slipping by.

I believe at least some part of the problem lies with me being upset over the coming weekend (which will see a visit to my parents) and an unpleasant checkup next week.

why should I be so disturbed about a home visit? Read more... ).

The better part of my day included playing with icons - uploaded several new ones, all chosen from [personal profile] hagar_972s library. Icons=fun (:

Well, I should go tackle at least part of my to-do-list.
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So, after I spends the better part of a year butterflying around friends DW and LG, I find myself wanting to jump into the water and start swimming my self. I am a bit shy of sharing my thoughts online, but it is a good way of communicating and interacting with new people.

So,right now I am Read more... ) which is rather a pity as D&E are coming over with a huge amount of sushi for a Game night.

The problem is, she has such a gift of making me feeling guilty. I know she is in the wrong,but I can't shake it.

Oh well, they are here, so enough ranting for today


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