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So, now the question is – is there any use of taking Meirav to a personal talk, and explaining to her just how many days and hours I have worked here, despite pain that would have sent others home or even to a hospital? I don’t think she is aware. Of how many times I have gritted my teeth, and hang on by the fingernails to complete my shift, despite crippling pain, fatigue , epilepsy attacks , depression, and whatsoever.

I don’t know if it will do more harm than good. But this present situation is actually hurtful to me, cause I genially liked her, I thought she approved of me, and feel…bad when she is acting so petti and using guilt-games with me.
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What's the hell is wrong with Meirav?! I ask her to go out a miserable half an hour earlier so I can collect the results of my Bone scan and make an appointment for a doctor to analyze them, and she starts guilting me? Every day " I have something"? "I can't go early every time"

And the hell, it's not that I am not willing to arive early or stay late - as I am doing today, for example. So, what's the fuck is wrong with her? Am I really so unreadable, or is she over demanding?

I let her see I am annoyed with her, this time. I told her - I asked your permission for today, so what's do you tell me down that "every day I have a problems? And how can you expect me to adjust my schedule one month ahead when the health issues are not exactly waiting for an invitation?"

She did not have really an answer, just repeated her complain.

And she never, never has a word to say about all the times I am volunteering to stay more hours when there is pressure, about me volunteering to help the newbies, about me asking for her if she needs help with anything. NO, only fucking complains about tiny little changes in the hours.

Let me tell you, I really don't think that much about her, anymore. She is petty.


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