ernads: beauty (Bird of paradise)
Now, this is fun - I had found some links of Igal Bashan songs, translated into English:

Here, have "Susan".



Jan. 17th, 2014 01:41 pm
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Breathtaking. I could hardly breath while listening to this song. It tells of a deep and precious friendship between Elphaba and Glinda, before those two had become the Wicked witch of the West and Glinda the Good.

It's heartbreaking, because the friendship portrayed is so beautiful,and it shaped both girls, each of whome learned much from teh other.

And yet, from the start, we know how this will end.

I saw the Wicked with my So when we visited London some years ago, and had forgotten how utterly beautiful are some of those songs.

here is the link to my favorite:

ernads: beauty (Bird of paradise)
Oh! I had forgotten how much I love to pieces this song. It gives me the shivers. And now with YouTube, you can search for more songs of the same artist and so on.

(The song is SYMPATHY, sang by RARE BIRD. Here is a link. I sewre, I did not even know the name of the song or band till now. Just had this one sentence that’s running in my head in a loop, so I googled for it, and than BANG!

Sympathy – youtube link

(I decided to try change my pre-sleeping habits. Part of this is avoiding books and comp half an hour before bed. So, I need to convert all my huge YouTube library into Mps bits, so those can be loaded into a regular, non-Wi-Fi player. So I can take that alone to bad with me. So, am playing today. I transformed already all the songs Hagar downloaded for me a while back, and converted half my library, and fining some long-lost loved songs like the above link in the way. Fun

Song post

Dec. 12th, 2013 01:30 pm
ernads: beauty (Bird of paradise)
Also, I am just descovering this singer, and she is amazing. And lovely. And sexy. And I can go on. That one will so be on the Wedding playlist.

If I were a boy
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I am listing in YouTube to Idan Haviv - we are going to a concert of his this Saturday . And then, this song comes up. And it just...The words, the music, the sound of shots in the beginning.

YouTube link

I am tranlating the part that touched me most strongly:

Do not try to hide, do not give up
You are strong you'll get up
Relax your face,
let your muscle contract
Tuck you shirt in you pants,
cause here we go again

And in Hebrew:

לא מסתכל באף אחד
שומר על כל מה שיש
פוחד שכל זה יתעורר
אז אתה שותק
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