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Fucking finally. We've trying (and failing) to watch it for c weeks.

Oh.And I'm only halfway through the episode; and already hate Pawter with.a.passion. ohhhh,that woman makes a snake looks hot blooded.
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Dear god, that was a terrifying ride with a very, very bad taxi driver. He A: does not know how to drive - kept driving too fast, cutting routs, cursing other drivers, speaking quite dirty at us, informing us he wants to hit that policeman...and the damn taxi stuck like someone went to the bathroom there.

Anyhow. aside from the above I'm somewhat better. I had to take a taxi because my foot is really swollen and hurting again and I don't know from what this time. Might be last Friday, might be more than that. Don't know. I didn't want to risk things and decided to take taxi home.

Also discovered that Isostar is not that bad as a mild pain Reliever. Probably because of the Magnesium? It's easier to digested in liquid form perhaps. So I think I will drink two glass of Isostart every day, and see if it helps.

Regarding Killjoys - we saw the pilot on Friday. Impressions:

*I really liked the pilot episode. it was fast passed, without a dull moment.
* The cast is ridiculously adorable.
* I adore Dutch. She kicks ass, she is adorable, she is the one who is running to protect her partner, and the relationship betweeh them is a pleasure to watch. They feel like old friends from the start.
* Johnny - also adorable. And I think he is made of hard corners just like Dutch, only he covers them in soft wool.
*dialog is fast-paced, and I never felt we were being spoon-fed, which is great. Also, they knew to balance it with some well-placed info at the correct spot and time. Great balance here.
*Fantastic world building here. However, I still feel a bit lost here. Don't have a good map of the world yet. I'm always rather slow on this one, I'm afraid.

I'm also interested very much in the connection between the elderly figure who taught Dutch as a child and the Company, is there a link? Does he have a hold on her still? She looked startled when she saw the red box at the end of the episode.

Why was she let off so lightly? seemed weird.

Also. I really didn't like that guy from the Company in the end - the blond one? But I guess it's not the last time we will see him, alas.

Was also interesting to watch the points of difference and similarity between the brothers. (God, the two actors look so much like blood brothers)

First thing I say when the episode is over: "what, it's over already? No, I want more":)

So, it looks like I'm sold :)
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I think I will start from today.

So, Family Event is over, it was not half as bad as could be. My mother grumbled a whole lot about the "horrible, neglected state of my apartment". (the woman had checked the (electric) switches ! And grumbled they are dirty. I've informed her, that I have far too many other things on my priority list, thanks.

[personal profile] antongarou, poor thing, was stuck at work and so arrived by taxi later. But I was so very glad he came, since his presence made the occasion much less irritating.

Oh, and travelling by car with my mom and dad can be both amusing and infuriating - he refuses to admit he has hearing problems. So he didn't here the instructions from Wazes to turn right. (Dude, it tried telling you no less than three times, and my mom also - she has you on that one.) She, upon his mistakes, shames and guilted him (her personal field of expertise. She shows remarkable talent on that one, at least...)
We ended up driving through Hulon in order to reach Jaffo...with the two of them bickering and yelling the whole way. Fun trip.

Anyway,I enjoyed the wedding mostly due to the lovely view of the sea, right in front of us. And I could go hang around with [personal profile] antongarou instead of being stuck with my family.

Around five we folded by taxi back to Checkpoint, since he had to work, and it was also a good excuse for me to fold earlier than the rest of them.

I'm absolutely certain the the fact I've held the day so well - after being crippled by pain only yesterday - is due to the increase in the Concerta. My doc argued with me when I pointed out my assumption it will work out like that. Am so gonna tell him "told you so".

(It's not that the med treats the pain - it does not. Or that the pain is any less. I've dissociated the pain almost completely from my conscious. (it was only felt in glimpse, when some movement brought out all the pain to the surface sharply. But usually dissociation to such a degree is draining me out of all spoons. To the level that I can't lift my arms to take a cup of tea. This time - I could function. )

Today, when [personal profile] antongarou will come home, we instead to watch the first episode of Killjoys:) Am so happy, I've being waiting for that for a long time. I hoped to finish the 100 first. But could not tolerate the last two episodes due to the situation. I'm far more PTSD'ed about this than I was aware of.

Yet another think I've dissociated from my self till now. Does the fact that right now the hurt is felt keenly count as an improvement?


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