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Oh my fucking GOD.

Well. We had fun tonight. Watched back-to-back the last episode of the first season, and the first two of the second season.

A few general notes;

* I know now who Bear is, and he is fucking adorable. I adore that dog.

* Team Machine is officially on. The dynamics were incredible.

* Root. Root. Root. I don't know what to say, and I would love to read a mata of three about her. I don't understand this woman, at all.

* Also. Do Not Get Into A Battle of minds with Harold. You will ALWAYS LOSS.
ernads: words can be swords (sharp sward)
Well. I will need a POI icon, since we are watching two episodes a day, lately, and it had become a Mega Fandom for me. I'm only avoiding Hagar's tumbler posts regarding it because I wish to remains relatively unspoiled. Unless it's a trigger alert, and there should be no such until we reach the second season.

Anyhow. Baby blue contained extreme Cute - I mean, John and Harold as over- paranoid parents? What can be cuter than that? (I relished Carters line when she relished that Harold had taken the baby. That was hilarious.)

But Carter, darling, how could you make such a fuckup in basic field security? How could you tell John where Moriaty is hidden?

I didn't expect that from this series which was was extremely tight until now, no plot holes whatsoever.

I am rather certain Carter will come back - at some point, after she will let the boys suffer a bit. But really, it's much more her fault than John's. It's her fuckup. He had to save the baby, he didn't have any choice.


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