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Feb. 24th, 2016 11:17 am
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* That coffee with the three instant spoons in it? Well, my brain is more awake, indeed. However, my allergy kicks ass now. (Took two Telfast at once. Perhaps I should scale this down a bit next time - two spoons and not three. My body obviously can't stand this much caffeine at once.)

*Yesterday though? was seriously fun. So much.

Tami and I wanted to go shopping- that is, I decided I need to gather up my courage and look for new dresses, as it has been two years and Dress Shopping is really hard for me. And Tami is a darling and also has excellent taste and we didn't see her in a month or so.

Hagar recced us Castro as they have good sales and some dresses that might even fit a woman who's size is 40, and not only 36-38. So, I said, why not? At the worst, we will find nothing and go look elsewhere.

And indeed, after several failed attempts, I found two cute dresses - one a red dress (I loved the intense red color) and the other a nice grey. Both a bit wintery and the red one might work as an evening dress.

And both of them together - 180 NIC only:)

And than [personal profile] antongarou arrived. Which was the cue, apparently, for the All The Silliness show that we manage to create between the two of us. We preformed masterfully, I must admit, and poor Tami was half laughing, half face-palmed over us.

[personal profile] antongarou needed some shirts and a new purse (badly. He never buys a new one until the damn thing is already torn to pieces.) We had found him two lovely shirts in Castro Man (one in a glorious blue color which works very well on him. As good as purple. ) and even a purse, although this one is smaller by far than his last one. Oh well. At least it's in one piece, yet.

Than, Tami introduced me to a new store - Goldbarry. Dear god, that place is as good as Mousner, and those of us who shop there knows what that means. Much cheaper, though. And the saleswoman are adorable, kind, and know their work.

I went out with a beautiful dark blue dress, that made [personal profile] antongarou smile his huge Shark Smile. And would have done the same to Hagar,I think. It's that good. However, as it was 300 NIC, I decided that that's it - this one is perfect and we have no budget for more.

Tami didn't agree with me, however. Before trying the blue dress I tried another one that was adorable. So, after we payed for the dress I chose, she told us "wait outside, I will just pay for mine now and meet you" (she found an absolutely lovely light pink dress that suited her to a T. Just perfect. And I loved the soft pink color on her:)

Anyhow, she meets us outside after a few minutes, and I discover that she had bought me the other dress...That's Tami, all right

after that we wanted to have dinner together, so off to Zepra we went. On the grounds that it's an old favorite. I had the brilliant idea of parking in CP (we do work there, so why not take advantage of a perfectly good parking place?)

We had a great time and great food. However, I woke up during the night with a horrible heartburn, that ended up in my coughing my guts out. Hence my need for the Wake Up Coffee, that ended up with an allergy. Oh well. The Telfast is keeping this contained, at least.)
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I have no words to express how much IT’s buffoonery disgust me. He is a parody of a human being.
Also, his face are so utterly full of smugness, self-importance and disregard and contempt for others that he is literally ugly. Does not matter how he really looks – by now, I can’t see anything but his mask of contempt.

Really can’t wait for him to move on to his next job.

The fact that I’m more depressed around him than away from his is enough.

I thought it might not be a bad idea to think back and sum up the more positive things from this week;

So – the Goblin (IT) is moving for another job in CP and another office. Can’t wait to get rid of the Oaf.

Sam was adorable this week. Twice, with her feline Six Sense, opened the door around dawn, hopped onto the bed, and woke me up from an Extra Bad nightmare. And she was cute with it to – she woke me up by rubbing against me, and then simply hopped down again and went out to play.

We got a Big Book Of Tea! All about it’s history. And also some Almond juice.

I’m almost finishing with my re-watch of the 100. The Netflex episodes are accompanied by Subtitles, and that allows for a much more rewording watching experience. I am waiting so much for the third season, and meanwhile, am reading everything I can find on tumblr about spoilers, what-might-happen, what people want to see, and so on. And also. Everything Lexa.

Next in my Watch list – Doctor who, the Ninth Season. Although, those are not in Netflix, alas. But I do have some alternative watching programs. (Popcorn View is no longer a free program, but I’m using T.V links for streaming Video.)

Party tomorrow! And despite the fact that two (or maybe even three) very dear friends of mine can’t come, I know that a lot of other dear friends have said they will come. Should be lots of fun.

And B-day Party for Shear on Saturday. So the weekend will be extremely loaded, but fun and full of company.

You know, it worked. I actually feel better now. I think I will go and redo that shipping label, and then off to eat.


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