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Freak-out is still had - not only for myself, but because of too many people I know who will need to be on the roads home in this weather.

My throat is inching already, which does not bode well. I most defiantly will not go to the gym today, and I'm trying to order a taxi home for an hour hence. Slow chance, but it's better than nothing.
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yesterday we had a nice, lovely, sunny day. I even went to a walk and was not too warm. So I was not really concerned with the weather forecast and closed the TV somewhat after the main headlines.

Anyhow. Today I woke up somewhat woozy. Still am. I dressed up, lightly in my usual summer cloths, and out I go.

Or try, to at any rare. The front door to our building would not open. I thought at first it was locked for some reason. But, no, it was actually pressed inwards by the rather impressive force of the wind. I actually could not budge it until I pressed hard for a few minutes with my whole 60+ body-weight. Wondering all the while if this is what TRX feels like? Cool.

At least I'm out, heading out to the bus station. And all of a sudden two garbage cans lift up in the wind and slam into me. Right at me. Good thing I have excellent (if seldom used) instincts.

Arrived at work, looking somewhat like a drenched rat, and was greeted by the hysterical laughter of my co-workers.

At least I have a nice shoal to cover myself in.


Also. I was not this hungry in two months, since the pre-concerta days.

So far? 872 K. It's about twice of my usual intake. Am not sure I'm pleased by this.


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