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Decided for immediate first-aide to consult with Shear, regarding the Food Problem. She is well versed in many kinds of food and may be able to help. It really reached emergency stage now, since I'm not even on 300 K and stuck on solving this.

So far, I'm dealing by drinking Isostar or Virtaminchik when I can't eat. And I think that I will add some pettibear if it will not improve. That should be at least easy to digest.

Tomorrow should be a very difficult day - it's the wedding of my (sick) Aunt's son. The wedding is in Jaffo, which is not the calmest place to be those days. I dread her collapsing during the ceremony and wedding, and my mom's reactions, and the whole enormous stress on my mom - and it's outlet on me, which is ensured.
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yesterday I'v ended up with just over 1500 K. Some of it was Vitamimchik. About 150 CC. And after that, I was able to eat up some more.

However, my fat% is over 200%. Rather frighting.

Today started bad, with a horrible nausea right after breakfast. I have no idea what to do about lunch. But I have some Isostar here, so will use that as a default.

Party day I've decided to leave work around 14 and go home to crash. Will need to be at my best that day, and can't afford to be Zombie from fatigue.


Recovered from the nausea and now it's just a lack of appetite. So I've sat on Cron, and searched for the lightest food that will yet be rich in Protein, and decided that Tuna will do. If I have to be sick over something, at least let it be something nourishing.
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I'm in a state of total fatigue. Yesterday I've had an injury to my feet, probably during the workout with my trainer. Either twisted or sprained my right foot. So by evening I could not use that leg. And the pain during the night kept me from sleeping. Or had me in nightmares when I was asleep.

We had [personal profile] antongarou's parents for lunch. They are much nicer than my parents, but ES still fussed far too much about state of house- how messy it is. Despite explict warning that it will be less than perfect due to my foot.

After they had left, I've relized I can't even reply to JK email (my pen pal) since I can't bloody read what he said. that it, I can read, but the words are a blur and don't make sense to me. So off to sleep.Now I'm somewhat more cohorent, but not by much.

Oh. Despite not taking Conentra today, I had Food issues, and I'm only at 856 K, with zero appatite right now. Don't know if to risk food or just drink. I think I will go for the latter one.
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* Had a good but difficult session in the Gym. He is beginning to push hard, and I was flat-tired to begin with.
* From there I went to the monthly torture session, also known as hair removal. It was worse than usual, since I have a lingering inflammation there that is slow to improve.

* Than off to work. Was not alone this time. It was nice, the company was good.

* Than my mother called. The lesser said about that, but better. (She is already known among my co-workers as She who must Not be Named. And they know a fraction. Just what they hear from our fights. Since I make it a point to work while we are talking - or, rather, she is talking. Why should I waste precious time on her?)

* Food, oh my. I have to force down my very light lunch, and am now standing on 603 K. Even that made me almost literally throw up. Talked my body down from that, but it was rather UnFUn.

* Oh, I didn't even update the aerobic today, yes?

* I think it's time to conclude this is chronic and talk with doctor on this on our next meeting. Don't know when I will hit malnutrition, but at this rate of 1300 K top (the norm is 1200) it will happen.)


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