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One of the things I like best at work is that my co-workers are - good-natured kids who tease each other to death. So a while ago, much to my delight, they begin to include me in this. It's all in fun, and there is absolutely no malicious intent in that. So, as such, I feel comfortable enough to play along and tease right back.

So. Right now - I kid you not - I'm the Elected Responsible adult here among those 4 year old boys (because, as one of them said, my mental level is at least 8 years old, and theirs is 4 at best.)

Oh, by the way, three of the five have children, but it really does not matter, looks like.

Today one of them said that for the first month or so I managed to fool them by applying the "cute girl" mask all too well, and that they were happily please to discover that I'm not so cute, after all.

Could not think of a better compliment :)
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So, lunch today was had in Tati: An excellent bistro right under my apartment ).

Managed to score yet another point of Major Kite: I met Anat near the restaurant and was about to go in, when suddenly the girl takes a good look at me and start nearly howling with laughter. She nearly fell. When I ask her, all insulted, what the hell is she laughing at, she mentioned to my feet: apparently I did not drink enough coffee this morning, for I did not remember to change from my nice, furry slippers to regular shoes... Did a *facepalm* and ran home to change.

Right now, the rain is finally weakening. It's not that I don't like rain, I love it actually, but I would much rather it would rain mostly in night and not while [profile] antongaru is on the way from Haifa. Oh, the joys of traveling on Highway 2 on a rainy Saturday night... And we wanted to go costume-hunting today. Don't know now about that. It's not that urgent, after all.
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Just finished watching episode 14: LD50. Oh the hilarity. Sam and G, those two together are so much fun. As G said so eloquently : They are a couple (my emphasis only, alas) longer than most LA couples, after all . And Hetty, that woman can be truly terrifying. I don't think Gibs Has any chance against her - although it would have been amusing to see him try.

Can anyone imagine those two crazy teams working together on a case? That will be truly scary.

So all in all, had a nice evening, complete with 2 delicious mini-tarts from the Qisharia :)

Lets hope tomorrow will go smoothly as well.


RAIN!!!!! Much yea!
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Oh! Forgot to ask about it before. Gmail has gone and switched to the "new style" on me, without my authorization. And I can't find how to switch it back. The new style is annoying in my opinion - Anyone has an idea?
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I believe this post will do justice to the above icon, as there is no other explanation for tonight's events. The Gremlin must be the cause.

So, a month or so ago [personal profile] hagar_972 and I made a delightful shopping trip together,and I came home with new shoes, a lovely red dress from Golf and a jacket. Well, the shoes and jacket are still with me, but the dress had seemingly vanished from the face of the earth. [personal profile] antongarou and I turned the apartment upside down - several time over, with no luck.

All I can hope for now is to go to Golf tomorrow and hunt for another dress, perhaps I will find another version of the lost one. But it beats the hell out of me, as I have no recollection of where did I put that dress the last ( and only) time I used it.

You know what I did to loose some steam? Washed the 23:00; But before that poor [personal profile] antongarou was treated to a show of a very unhappy and stressed-out GF.

also [personal profile] hagar_972, honey,am I so happy I found that Gremlin icon in your gallery, it made me laugh.


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