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I swear, Elementary is quickly turning to be one of my all-time favorites. Aside from INTH, I don't recall any other series I loved enough to watch several eps in a row.

Today we saw episodes 8 and 9, and episode 9, despite some harsh and potential trigger material (a woman who suffered sever physical and mental abuse. We had some photo's as well. Didn't like that) managed to end the episode in such a hopeful note, that it deleted the effects of the trigger material and than some.

Also - Watson is growing more and more on me. She is played by Lucy Liu ,ש a stunningly beautiful Chinese waman.

She plays Watson in a very believable way, the chemistry between her and Sherlock is incredible, and so far, indeed, there is not a hint of sexual tenseness between them. Which is precisely how I want it to proceed. Also, the way the relationship is progressing is delightful and very believable. You can just see how they went from very reluctant (on Sherlocke's part) partners, to a team and close friends that help, support and influence each other. Not since Sam and G did I see such a wonderful and believable partnership.

And so far, I am yet to be bored; am completely hooked. Will have to try the fandom as well. I wish so much that we had more than two seasons. At this rate...

Well, at least we will have Person of Interest to dive into after we are done with this one.
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Yeah, both [personal profile] antongarou and I are excited over this one, and both are gonna bubble quite a lot about it...(Sorry, Kitten, you deserve a warning).

I how much they made Sherlock true to the book character, despite the fact that there is absolutely nothing related between the cases in the books and between the cases in the series. Add to it the fact the this Sherlock is a recovering drug addict and this Watson is a woman. (a very beautiful woman, in my opinion.)

The second thing I adore - the relationship as it is developing between the two.It's amazing. And it only can be appropriated if you see the series from the start.

I just hope they will keep it platonic, cause the minute it's something else - the series is dead for me. (Which means, I assume, no Fanfic for me in this fandom.)

Today we saw episodes three and four, back to back. I was hesitant about the third episode, cause it dealt with kidnapped children. I was afraid of being triggered. But it was dealt with well, and the worst I had to deal with was the huge physiological damage done to one of the children spoiler ).

But I loved how this episode ended.

So, yeah. We are hooked.


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