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You know, sometimes you feel really bad for so long a time that you became used to it. And you are not even aware of how really bad you feel. Until there is some change or relief.

That was me today. The Bronchitic really did a number on me.That,plus lack of sleep and not being on Concerta for a week (with me not being at work there was really no reason for me to take the med). By the end of the day,my eyes were burning, head dizzy and I could not really see.

Oh, and med change, lets not forget that - am off Cymbalta now.

So all in all, I'm really glad my mistakes were things like mixing between eye-liner and eye-shadow and forgetting to CC people and not something worse.

Well,there was actually a worse mistake - my dissociating the illness to such an extent I was not aware of how bad I'm off.

*sigh* dissociation sucks on so many levels.

Anyhow - Hot soup with much, much salt (I did not need to add salt to my dish. For the first time ever That's is something of a Landmark in this house). Also, soup flakes are all kinds of awesome - tons of calories in a very small, easily digested units. That had revived me for an hour or so.

However I was not able to concentrate enough for Killjoys, alas. We will make another attempt tomorrow. If I'm a bit better.

Baby cat is sitting beside me, snuggling, sucking her paw as usual. Her cheek is so soft, just like a kittens. She radiates calm and comfort. And while I hurt greatly thinking about all the cats and kittens outside now who do not get that warms and comfort (just today I read and saw a vid about yet another cuddly kitten who is outside in this weather. They gave her a pillow and a yellow shirt thingy to cuddle into. I guess it's better than nothing? But damn, if only I could go and grab her.)

God, me and my obsessive misery over the situation of street cats in Israel. Most of there do not have someone like DA to care for them. I do what I can, but it's precious little, and.
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i can't being myself to mail about it, since mail is more instrusive than DW. So, if I want to aske a question embarrasses me, I would rather use a post, and hide it under a cut - so that the reading of the qeustion will be entirly by choice and not land in Hagar's mailbox, for one.

So - here it is: TMI health issue )

So, I need a mid-term solution, and maybe if I use the correct kind of washes and ointment it will improve. Any information from anyone who knows will be highly apprichated. I am not locking this down since I need the info - but that's why I used the cut.


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