Mar. 28th, 2016

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I almost can't believe it - but it took me about two hours, only, to settle down and begin to work.

I mean that only. It's not so easy to handle such a difficult and traumatic procedure such as exposure therapy without going into a meltdown for the rest of the day. And after a hard week, too. (The party was loads of fun - my own self hate issues notwithstanding. But the rest of the day was horrible. And the week was overloaded to such a degree I was forced to postpone Gita to this Tuesday. Been ages since I've done that).

So. I'm almost proud of myself, right now. Maybe I should add a star in that book for that.
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God that was fun!

I had today my first RRC lesson. It was a combo of theory and some simulator work.

Let’s start by saying that those guys had prepared an in-depth and thorough course. Very. That’s so far from the approach of the guy from Tisan Krayot that I have no words.

I now know what are Aileron, Rudder, Stabilizing tail, Centre of Lift, Centre of Gravity, and a whole lot of other basic information.

I also know now that the right handle on the radio is used to move the tail up and down and to move the Ailerons left and right…not the tail. And that the right and left movements of the tail are done from the left handle.

And I know now how the plane behooved when it’s coming toward you vie going straight out away from you.

We worked on a very good simulator. At first I was horrible, but toward the end I begin to have (very) rudimentary control over the right and left movements. That’s all we worked about after theory lesson.

Than he tested me on the basis Concepts and asked me to demonstrate them on the modal plan, and I remembered everything. Looks like the info had settled well.

So in order to keep the sequence we made another appointment for tomorrow.

I’m really glad I’ve had the lesson today, because it was just the thing I needed to lift my spirts aft the PTSD workout. (I was functioning today. That does not equal happy or calm).

Also, the man has some marvelous planes as well – took a pic of course to share with the Whatsapp group. There was a plane there that is built like an eagle, and it’s beautiful. And another one that is operated with a camera – you connect some kind of device to it, and that allowed you to see from the point of view of the pilot itself. It’s the nearest thing to actual flight.

YO told me that OD teaching method is to let the plane reach high altitude, than shut down the engein and work on air alone. I think it’s marvelous.

So, yeah. I’m happy very much about my teachers. Very.

Also, YO was overjoyed by my enthusiasm and passion. He said that those are the kind of people he is looking for, because they are the ones who will make good flighers in the end.

One thing I need to remember – Simulator work is not different by far from actual workout. That is – I enter Hyper focus and stay there, throughout. That means – major energy drain. Am dead meat now. Will need to remember to bring a snack for tomorrow

Now. Shower, than dinner and a bit TV, than I am going to start on translating the song. (no, it's not for Jukebox. I'm not going to sigh up since I don't have the sufficient spoons to balance everything now and do it safety for all involved. But I thought that translation the song is a good starting step


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