Mar. 16th, 2016

ernads: may I have one like this some day (RRC plans)
Day started nice, and than took a sharp turn downwards (I think I ate something that was spoiled already, and my poor stomach is Not Happy.)

I was even able to work hard and with sharp focus for two hours. Now though...

I've managed to make an appointment today with a specialist for Orthopedic problems in the feet. Private only, of course - the man is the head of the department in Ichilove. It will cost a 1000 NIS, and I will get about 600 NIS back. I will show him the Xray and we will see what he says.

Will probably have to go alone, and cancel the Biofeedback appointment, but - it's that urgent. The pain there is not improving.

The nice bit of news - I'v found us a good RRC flight teacher. The man is flying planes for more than 50 years. He is building and planning his own planes from scratch. He is building radios and all sorts of equipment. I searched for his name and saw that he is one of the Best Guides selected by one of the top flight schools (and not the one he is working in). And, I've read in the reviews that he is very good in working with just about everyone (he is teaching now a 70 years old guy, and he is working with children, and he had worked with ADHD people, so adjustment should not be an issue here.

He is also refusing firmly to start working with me before seeing and checking the plane with his own eyes, and giving me a through background and theoretical info. Because it's not responsible in his opinion otherwise. And I can't argue with that.

So we will try seeing him next week and see what he says.

Oh, and I thought that he will probably be the best in teaching Maintenance to [personal profile] antongarou,as he is building his own planes and so on?

he also said that the plane I bought is of a kind he trusts, but he needs to see how it to judge it's quality . (told me I paid far to much for the deal, but. Don't know, of course a guy who makes his own will think that).

anyhow, back to work now


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