Mar. 10th, 2016

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She was 17. Young, gifted, extremely beautiful, full of life. With a lovely voice and a love for theatre and art and music. She also had an acute understanding of the people, and was extremely mature for a age.

She was 17. My best friend’s little sister. My adopted little sister, who I’ve known for 9 years, and seen on a weekly basis. Both of us worshipped her. She made the whole room light up whenever she came in.

She had many dreams and aspirations. In the army she planned to train infantry soldiers because she was charismatic and loved to teach and guide others. Liz considered a future as an interior decorator, an architect, an actress …

On a sunny day in March, 13 years ago, Lis boarded bus number 37 on her way home from a dress rehearsal for a show that was planned a week hence. She never made it home.

She was killed by Palestinian Muslim fanatic, along with 17 other victims. Most of them children. Her best friend Tal was killed as well - they were sitting together.

Liz will remain 17 forever. Her death had huge impact on my life. Aside from losing a beloved little sister, I’ve lost my best friend as well. ( Her sister Marina was broken by Liz death, and she had never recovered. She had left Israel and left for the States, cutting contact with all of us who knew and loved her. So, I’ve lost them both).

I’ve never forgotten, and I’ve never stopped grieving for her. I wonder sometimes how she would have looked like. How would our relationship shift with the years and time, and what new layers would have been added to it.

It hurts to think about it, about “what if” and “if only”. But in this case, I do not want it to stop hurting, because it’s part of remembeing her.

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One thing that was really horrible today:

Due to the huge increase in manpower (more than 150% in less than 2 years) CP is building a new building. And connecting it to the old one so that the end result will be one huge-ass structure. Well and good.

However. Right now they are connecting the old building to the new one. So they had to switch between the two wings of the building – my department was moved to the side adjacent to the new building, because we are the smaller department who takes less space. And the other one, OE, was moved to our old wing.

So, aside from the small annoying fact that they have lost all my personal things during the transit (It was packed into a box and drawered, with my name on it. Not found. ), right now we are sitting (and need to work) right in the heart of a construction area. And that means drilling, drilling, drilling, dust, dust, dust, and fucking Toxic gases that had made me literally ill today for a good three hours, until the air cleared up a bit. I don’t want to think about the long-termed health implications. Is there any use to it?

But I’m not very happy. Really felt like I’m choking today, slowly but surely, and it was seriously not fun.


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