Mar. 9th, 2016

ernads: may I have one like this some day (RRC plans)
Am dead meat and [personal profile] antongarou is not much better - he's fast asleep already. (And thanks god we got home when we did, because if it would have taken 20 minutes longer than that, we would have probebly not make it back safetly. )

However - so much fun .

This is the end result: This is the plane we bought

So: We met at the shop, and from there drove toward a large field that’s used for flight lessons.

One minute after getting out of the car, I understood that we have rather horrible flying conditions: Hamsin and very active winds. Very active.

So- first attempt was a disaster. My teacher is not as good as AM, frankly – he does not have that calm, soothing attitude that AM does. But he is teaching many years, including children and guys as old as 50,so.

My main problem is that I don’t have a feel for the radio yet. And since I need to keep an eye on the plane, always, I can’t see or sense if I’m pulling Up to much, or to the left to much, and so on.

However, he did manage to calm me down after a while, and by the third attempt there was some slight improvement: I was able to keep high hyper focus,(to the extent of not hearing anyone around me). Also didn’t loose the plane, and was able to keep it going nice and straight for a few minutes.

By than, we were there almost 90 minutes, mind you, and I was not aware of the time at all.

Or of the little fact than the sun is beating down on me and turning me into a lobster, since by some surge of idiocy, I’ve forgotten to bring protective cream…(yes, am paying for it now).

In the end, we decided to take his rec for a simulator after all (he sales only the joystick, because the regular programs are so expensive that people don’t like to buy them)

He said we should be able to download a reasonably cheap program online (was not able to find a link yet, by my brain is almost dead right now. If we can’t find a good link: we hope to come for some plane tourism on Saturday,maybe, so maybe AM can rec us something. )

Anyhow, the simulator can help me learn to coordinate between eyes and hands. And if we find a good program it might very well save us good 6 or 7 lessons. That’s a whole lot of time and money. (no way I can learn to fly this thing alone. )

After the lesson we went back to the store to pay and to collect everything. And off to meet Shear for lunch.

(And before that, in an act of supreme lack of spoons, I’ve forgotten my damn bag at the shop. We had a little panic attack there).

By the time we headed back it was 17:30, and it took two hours to get home. But – made it home in one piece, which is a major fit on [personal profile] antongarou’s part considering the amount of energy that he had spent during the day. (he did need about 7 cups or espresso or so. But)

Me dead meat, but it was such a fun day, and I can’t wait for the next lesson, and to talk shop with the guys in KY and everything.

Yeah, I think I’m in love with this…


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