Feb. 1st, 2016

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So we've had now two episodes from the third season. So far, I thought it's rather meh. There were some things that impressed me, but overall, the first two seasons of The 100 started each with quite a bit more of a bang.

We had lot's of Octavia, which is always a Win. Octavia is awesome. We had also our lovely Roan, kidnapping and dragging Clarke off by hair hair, almost. (He is hot and good looking and a great actor, and I loved him. Also, the piece of info on him in the end is intriguing. I'm looking foreword learning a lot more on him in the next few episodes. Hoping it will give us more insight into the grounders history and tradition and society, and what happened between Lexa and the Queen of the Ice nation, how did this enmity develop, and why and...one can go on and on on that.

Also, I was impressed with the Clarke-Bellamy reunion in episode two, with Roan, and of course, with the tiny bit off Clarke-Lexa interaction we've had.

And a bit more on that:

I love the dynamic between Clarke and Bellamy: They anchor each other. There is so much trust and a sense of family in their relationship. It's beautiful to see. Although, I admit that if those two will ever become a romantic partner, I will be intensely disappointed. It will just turn this lovely relationship into one more fucking cliquish. And me, I can't stand cliquish. Don't do it, show, just, do.not.do.it.

Yeah, I know, all the Bllercalrke people are probably howling for my blood now. Tough luck guys.

The relatiohship I'm invested in is Lexa-Clarke;

The Clarke-Bellamy relationship is balancing Clarke’s relationship with Lexa: If Bellamy is a familiar source of warmth, comfort, security, family, than Lexa is explosive – firework, passion, dynamite. In their brief reunion toward the end of the episode, Clarke didn’t lower her eyes from Lexa, not for a second, and there was so much fire in them.

In the end, though, I think that Lexa, because of her position and because of the decisions she had to make, can understand Clarke better than anyone, better even than Bellamy. He acts from his heart, while Lexa acts from her head. It makes her seem cold - but she is not, not at all. She cares a great deal. Only, unlike Bellamy, she does not have the luxury of acting on it.
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Not bad, all in all, although I'm not feeling to well - upset stomach and nausea. Even an hour after returning home. (the buses are really doing a number on me.)

I've thought today that a patch on the left eye will help me force the right eye to work while reading. The problem was only figuring out where to get the damn thing. We really had no idea at first, and my optometrist was out today or else the store was closed, because there was no answer there as well. So' I've ended up going to SuperPharm and asking them, and they did, actually, had just the thing. It's not comfortable, and it's pressing too hard on the glasses,but it works.

I’m conflicted about going to work with it, though, knowing very well that going with this thing will be both: physically uncomfortable and might result in pressure wounds around my eyes; might be awkward, very much, since it looks so ridicules. However, it will also assist very much with the eye sight problem, so. Don’t know yet.

However, a second day in a row in a rather crowded shopping mall took much spoons from me. (I'm not comfortable in closed, crowed places, to say the least. It's an overload on all my senses; eyes, touch, emotional empathy. Which is extremely strong in me).

So we plan to spent the evening lazing about and recouping, despite the fact that there is work to be had. The story for PurimGifts is done, at the worst if I will have no spoons for the other two bunnies running in my head right now, we will offer that one only as a treat/pinch hit (if I'll be called on of course)


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