Feb. 26th, 2016

ernads: Third season, the 100 (Lexa and Clarke)
If we want to sum this episode in three sentences:

Bellamy and Pike continue to make terrible decisions while Octavia (and Kane and Abby) Kick Ass. Oh, my beloved Octavia.

Jaha and the City of light plot is getting more complex. Titus is in it, and I trust him not, oh my

And Lexa is….beyond words. Each of her scenes is pure gold. She and Clarke shine together.

We start at Polis: The commander is napping, and the commander of death is sketching her. Aww. But this pretty picture doesn’t last long before Lexa wakes up from a nightmare. She says the former commanders are haunting her and she’s worried she’s destroying their legacy. “Your legacy will be peace,” Clarke says.

Than Clarke receives a little surprise from King Roan: The last of the Mountain Men, Emerson. In a box. (Poor Lexa. She probably recalled the day she had received Costia’s head in a box…)

Lexa asks Clarke to decide the fate of the last of the Mountain Men. Titus, who thinks Lexa’s judgment is clouded, wants death. Lexa says that’s the old way, and she wants Clarke to echo this statement, but instead Clarke says she wants Emerson dead. Lexa makes sure she knows what this means: Emerson can be banished or he can die by Clarke’s own hand. She has until sundown to decide.

Of we go to Arkadia. This arc is more difficult for me to watch and write about, so I will sum it as:
Pike continues to travel down the path of refusing to acknowledge the atrocities of Earth’s past by making the same mistakes.

Kane and Abby try to slow him down at least, and prevent another massacre. And Octavia risks her life, several times, in order to warn the Grounders about Pike’s deadly intentions.
Some of the Grounders evacuate. Some plan to fight back. And here comes Ballemy and his followers, right into the trap.

So now Bellamy will have to choose between his baby sister, who was his first priority for his entire life, and Pike’s policies. I do not think he will choose to switch sides now. This will be horrible.
During the above, Jaha and ALLI are trying to get everyone over into “the city of light”. Or drunk and enslaved to ALLI. Thanks god there is Abby, but I’m afraid for her, since it’s obvious that ALLI knows she is a threat to her plans. She will try to get rid of her.

Than we are back with Clarke and Lexa. Where finally Clarke takes her own advice and realizes that “blood must not have blood” has to be applied to everyone — not just people she likes. At Polis that evening, during a death ceremony, Titus hands her the knife to kill Emerson, but she says, “no,” that she doesn’t deserve the peace his death might bring. She looks at him and says, “I wouldn’t be killing you for what you’ve done — I’d be killing you for what I’ve done.” Emerson is not pleased.

Titus is also not pleased. He wants Lexa to kill Emerson. But she speaks to the crowd, over their murmurs, and says the crimes of the Mountain can’t be saved by killing one man. She goes on to give a speech that could very well be her legacy as a commander, saying that they are living in a new world in which violence isn’t answered by violence.

Lexa banishes him for life to live with the ghost of those he lost, which is a pretty brutal thing to say, even to Emerson. Clarke finishes it by saying, “May you live forever.” Damn.

See why I’m in love with Lexa?

Lexa, Lexa, please don't die....


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