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ernads ([personal profile] ernads) wrote2016-03-30 09:49 pm
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Yeah, the trip to Vitkin was SO WORTH IT

I’ve my new Insoles

So, for most of the day I was a total Zombie. I thought I would be able to work some on the laptop…yeah, right. Can’t see well enough to work without a vicious headache, and I was hardly able to last half an hour before falling into bed and staying there.

Than I had to Taxi to meet Antongarou, cause I was not steady enough to walk.

The way there was slowwwwwww. Jams, jams, jams all over. Hell.
But. I put the new insoles in. Stand up. And start gargling.

Hagar will remember probably the smile that split my face in two after the first time AM helped me fly. Well. It was like that.

Instantly, there was less stress in my back, neck and shoulders. I could feel how my walk is more normal. How I’m standing better. Could not stop smiling and, ammm, moaning in relief. AV was worried….he thought I was in pain, until he realized that my ability to hide pleasure is nil, and I’m just purring with joy. And than he smiled a huge, happy smile.

He told me to wear them only an hour today, and two tomorrow – and not to go to work. Since it will requite ajusjment.

And, as I was warned later, the rebound after I returned to the old ones was immediate and intense. I can’t stand up right now – had to sit down in the elivatore. So, yeah, no work tomorrow. And also, there are some new and interesting muscles that hurt really bad in the lges now.

But I’m overjoyed. I think it will improve greatly the quality of my life. Because, intense, enduring pain is extremely exhausting.

And then we stopped at the Pancake House to eat, and had another reason to purr with delight.

Also, I have a Beta! (thanks, honey, so much). That’s makes me so happy. I will start as she suggested on snippets. Maybe something from the 100, as I still have intense love for Lexa. One can always ignore Canon.