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ernads ([personal profile] ernads) wrote2017-01-05 10:45 pm
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I have a new domain for my website

Most of my weeks was rather horrible.

But - I have a new domain for my Pet Info website:) IsraelPets.

This website was born of frustration, for the most part - I'm really sick and tired of the statue of street cats in Israel. Also, too many times I've seen people put up a post in FB in 12 am asking "I found a sick cat! What do I do now?! Were can I take it?" and so on.

So eventually I've find our that the info is there, it's just not organized. And that's why I've decided to create a website that will organize information people need in an acceptable and readable way.

Right now I have all I need about cats, but am lacking in information about dogs. But there is enough info already so I've decided to publish the website. will see.

need to collect info about basic training for dogs, what problems are most common, what meds are most conman and what are the likely side effects. And food, also. And how to introduce another dog or a cat into the house.

I hope it will be both useful for other people and serve to wean me away from facebook- the need to do something, to help, is extremely powerful, but I can't save all cats and dogs and the helplessness is very tiggery to me and damaging - and I know it.

But telling me simply to "just stay away" is not useful. The useful thing is containing it and channeling it in a constructive way.

If only I could do this with Lian... (I have a very bad meeting with her, but that will be a separate post. Am out of cope of dealing with the child.