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evening post

Oh, god, I've written a 900 words Treat now in about an hour, and had such marvelous fun! that was something I was really eager to write as a treat. So as soon as I saw the "treats are open" notification", I squeed and jumped on it.

Still need to work on Grammar,spelling and art, though. But it's a treat, it's for Friday or Saturday.

Also regarding Purim

We are both ready for Purim Party:)

Aside for the annoying fact that we will arrive after 21, due to my (very, very very ill Aunt and uncle) having a birthday party. 19 PM, at Ramat Hasharon. Even if we will get out of there at 20:30 as we intent, it’s still a fucking pain in the ass.

I plan to bring my costume alone and simply get dressed at lovechilde’s. she said she does not mind at all, and it will spare me precious time.

Oh well. As long as I will have two or three hours of fun with friends, I will be happy.

And we have Taiso next week, which is major Squee as well, cause so far all 5 of us plan to go, and it’s a Family Tradition I cherish.

Oh, and did I mentioned that [personal profile] antongarou is a major, major Polinia? No? Cause he is. *long suffering sigh*

All right, brain told me to stop playing around with the fic and go to bed. So here goes.

Damn, didn't take my night pills, from all the excitement.
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Oh sheesh that's right you are at lovechilde's party tonight!
Give her a hug and get an email address from her and we can talk tomorrow!