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Purim Gift's letter

Dear author, this is my very first Purim Gift's round and I'm so exited to be here. I have quite a bit fandms I like: Killjoys, Frozen, Wicked, October Dye, everything Jewish and Tanak-based. Startrek TNG and Startrek Voyager.

There are several things I really like, that are common in all fandoms, and I thought it's best to mention them here: Relationships that are Family-like (preferably without any sexual attraction. Hurt/comfort, just comfort with no hurt; ladies kicking ass and taking names is always good;(one main reason I love October Dye so much, oh god. And Person of Interest. And Killjoys - you get the drift. ) Missing scenes is also great. Fix it-scenes is a huge bonus.

Fandoms that will make me most happy:

* All things Jewish - Lore, legendת Tanah-תנ"ך. *Killjoys.
*Person of Interest.
* Star Trek and Voyager *
Tarot - Oh dear, yes. 
*Everything Israeli IDF, RPF, music videos (The Voice: Israel). It's just so much fun, and the potential for something hilarious is enormous here.

'Ship-wise, I prefer Fem ships - but would much rather to keep it to T level. Any OT3/OT4 combos or poly situations, is excellent.

Things that may be a problem:

I read slash but am so very picky about it- scenes that are just smut are a major issue.I am much more for asexual relationships that are based on close and intimate relationship. There are several fandoms were I can't stand to read Slash in them - Frozen being the Number One. Please, just don't. All hurt, no comfort . Betrayal of trust. Sexual abuse. Child abuse. Abuse, in general. behavior. Things that make no sense in-universe and remain unexplained, high school/college AU's, (sorry am just bored with those). Bullying, unless it's presented as a very negative thing, is a definite trigger. Emotional manipulation, shaming, guilting, is a major trigger. Please try to avoid any of the above.

Otherwise - it's a long list, I know, but those are just pointers. I will probably love everything your write or podfic. Thank you so much!

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