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ernads ([personal profile] ernads) wrote2017-01-06 12:53 pm
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I had a really miserable day

So. My plan crashed this morning. So far it seems like Total loss.

I've had problems with too much Down without my pushing Down since the start of the lesson. I thought it's because I've some problem, some rust. Because we didn't have a lesson last week. But in respective I think it was a mechanical error and I misjudged.

than during the second round the plane went into a spiral. I had no control over it. Roy took over - he had no control over it. It crashed into a tree. The wings tore free and remained stuck in the tree. The body was saved but it's a small use without the wings.

than the day became worth. We went over to Oded, for a pre-scheduled appointment to fix the smaller plane, the Bixler. He sat us down, and explained that his ex-boss and the boss of our current guide had a massive fallout. They are in No-Talking terms. And he accuse Yossi of lying to him and about him and for cheating him and so on.

the bottom line for us - he will not allow any benefits to come to Yossi from his work. Which means he will fix the Bixler for the arrange price (400) only if I stop working with Roy (and so with Yossi) altogether and go back to learn from him. Otherwise, he might fix the plan - at double or triple the price. You guys go choose.

I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. I feel like he exploited my accident today in order to pressure me into this position. I feel abused.

It is horribly triggering to me. And yesterday evening with Lian was also triggery for other reasons. So all in all, I want to erase the last 24 hours.

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