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Yesterday was nice, but bust and spoon-draining

We’ve started our day in a trip to KY, in order to collect something from Hagar. Had a few fun minutes with Pinuki as well. (boy, he's twice as big as the last time I saw him:). That was fun, I really do love that dog.

After that – a trip to our local favorite delicacy. Where we are greeted as old friends. That's a big part of thier charm. And, of course, the fact that they have top-notch things, some that can really be hard to come by. For example - Halva. Pure. Of the best quality I ever tasted. I really purred at that one.

Arrived home around 13 – both somewhat dead. But we had the meeting with our flight instructor Oded later, so we didn’t have time to rest much. Ate, drank espresso. Packed the plane, and out we were.

Now. Oded. He is something else. Some people are genius in math or computer. This one is genius in electronic, and planning, and invention and building. God I wanted so much for Hagar and her dad to be there, since I think they would have enjoyed it so much. Some of this planes were literately Artwork. A master piece. I’ve never seen the like of it, and I’ve seen some things in the KY flight club, OK? Opher was purring like whoa and drinking it all in – he will learn how to put together the plane from Oded.

here, for example, is a link to one of the planes he had planned and build from Zero: Pugi Plane

Isn't it an adorable little thing?

And he had built another one - built specifly for night flying! it has little Led light bulbs built all over the wings and when the engine is active, the light bulbs are active as well.

I'm telling you, this man, he is a genius. And all that, without formal teaching. Did't even finish high school. He is self-taught.

Also - Oded checked my radio and said it’s garbage. So he recced us a better one that we will order, and that one will cost about – oh, 65 $ and some more for taxs and so. About 400 NIC all in all. Not horrible, and it will improve greatly my control of the plane. (this is the One:

We are also going to by something to make the wing stronger and less vulnerable to harm – forget what it’s called but we have it written down somewhere.

So, we returned home dead meat but. It was sure an interesting afternoon. I can't wait for my first lesson with him.

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